Jul 20 - 2021

The Dean Blundell Show With Phil Demers, James DiFiore, Alison Sydor OLY & Lochlin Cross

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

On today’s episode we tackle two heavy issues. 

Up first we welcome the animal rights activist Phil Demers back onto the program. Mainstream media has FINALLY picked up the MarineLand story, however they won’t stop running their ads. Quite the conundrum. Phil and Dean discuss the hypocrisy and what else we need to do in order to #freekiska and #savesmoochi. The fight isn’t over. 

We then switch gears and welcome on 4 time Olympian Alison Sydor, who has taken issue with transgender women being able to compete in the female sports. Dean and Alison and James discuss this topic at length. 



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