May 25 - 2023

The Essence of a Woman with Stefanie Eby and Storm

Blue Hotel

About the Episode

A new interview episode! (the interview episodes and the erotic story episodes are distinctly separate, if you missed the memo, as it were).

Another in what tallies 21 the number of interview episodes, in which Jeff is thrilled at the knowledge, positivity and insight of our special guests.

This time, a first, in that he’s joined by 2 powerful and delightfully fun and insightful women, in @stefanieby and @storm who bring it all to The Blue Hotel, in advance of their one-of-a-kind stage production, The Essence of a Woman.

In this conversation with Jeff and Stef and Storm, we find out about how this show came to be, what it’s all about, plus the ladies motivation to stage such a production, who in each woman’s life has proved most inspirational, the importance of positive self-talk and the destructive force that is shaming and where that comes from, and much, much, more.  

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