Aug 4 - 2022

The Freedom Convoy/Mandates/Restrictions/Justin Trudeau With Andy Lee, Alex Jones Is Going To Jail & The Blue Jays Trade Deadline Moves Were Awful

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Andy Lee is a convoy supporter and influencer. I really don’t know how else to describe her. She’s been a huge supporter of the convoy and ongoing protests against mandates, restrictions, and Justin Trudeau. A veteran of BOTH convoys, Andy was goaded into debating Dean, and they agreed to chat and today’s the day.

Two worlds come together to ask each other questions because no one seems to be able to do that anymore.

Dean Promised the lads would be very respectful, too.

We talked about belief systems, mental health, origin stories, and predispositions. Is Trudeau on the take, why does Andy believe what she believes and what’s next for COnvoy supporters and anti-government sleuths like her?

We talk disinformation and freedom of speech too.

Speaking of which, Dean has a little presentation as to how disinformation in this country works. You’ll love it because Jo the crisis actor, makes an appearance.

The Blue Jays shit the trade deadline bed yesterday trading for an unvaccinated player who can’t enter Canada making home games a little tough.

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