Apr 6 - 2024

“The King Of Craft Beer” – Ian from Sea Change Beer

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Canada is chock full of success stories. Alberta is home to the biggest success stories in Craft Beer on a global scale, and Sea Change Brewing is the king of Craft Beer Hill.

Sea Change is the official partner of “GREASE FIRE,” the BBQ Podcast, and he is VERY well respected.

We talked:

Craft Brewing in Alberta

Starting your business a month before the pandemic starts

The long road to overcoming failure during a worldwide crisis

Ignorance is essential to any entrepreneur’s journey.

The key to a KILLER Beer Brand and the importance of fucking GREAT logo and merch to any brand.

How Canada is communist from province to province when it comes to selling beer.

I love these interviews with guys and gals who’ve started and maintained a business from scratch. Learn a little with Ian and be your boss – then drink SeaChangeBeer.com

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