Oct 25 - 2022

The Return Of Lochlin, Danielle Smiths Ivermectin Habit, Ray Is Leaving Us For CBC

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome back, Lochlin Cross, who took a month off to move. The dude is the only person who needs to take a month off to move 20 KM’s. Regardless, Dean’s happy he’s back because Alberta has been a HOT MESS thanks to “POLIDICKS”. We dig into a new feature called “Polidicks” and today’s Polidicks know and LOVE each other. Danielle Smith and Ted Cruz!

Danielle’s Ivermectin habit, and her desire to fire all the doctors who beleive in science is SOOOOO BERTA! Speaking of Berta, Calgary Born Ted Cruz VS Yankees Fans needs to be seen to be beleived! We;come to “Polidicks.”

Our Sports Director Ray Rauth appeared on The National last night because he’s BIG TIME!!! We relive his 12 second appearance and what went wrong in those 12 seconds. Alphonso Davies wants money from his Jersey sales ahead of his World Cup appearance with Team Canada and THAT”S what Ray was beingh asked about. Did he choke? You decide!

Britney Spears keeps posting nudes, talking about her P**** despite her kids begging her to stop. We discuss and ask the question no one else is asking: Can you put an emotionally unwell person in the spank bank?

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