Oct 19 - 2022

“The Roundtable” w/ Lyle Chausse (LCE Music/Crank Media) & Darren “Danger” Grieve (Sonic Radio Vancouver/City News 1130).

Do Did Will

About the Episode

Today, “The Roundtable” returns as I welcome Lyle Chausse (LCE Music/Crank Media) and Darren “Danger” Grieve (Sonic Radio Vancouver/City News 1130) to discuss a variety of topics being discussed in the Music Business.

First, we discuss the tragic passing of Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters) and the two tribute shows held at Wembley in the UK and Forum in L.A. We give our thoughts and discuss the legacy of Taylor.

Second, we dive into the upcoming Pantera summer tour which consists of two NON-members that will fill in for the deceased Abbot brothers. Is this the right move? Does this pay tribute to the band? Is it a cash grab?

Finally, the discussion about bands using backing tracks/vocals/instruments is starting to divide a lot of concertgoers. Recently a band called “Falling in Reverse” had to cancel their show when their crew left their laptop at the hotel. This started a Twitter war between the band, Eddie Trunk and Sebastian Bach. Who is right here?

All this and more on this week’s show!

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