Jan 12 - 2024

The Rutland League, Luxury Lotto Lines, and Best Canucks Podcast feat. James Rayburn

About the Episode

THPN and Draft Kings present The PP1 Podcast.

First off, we settle the debate: We are the number one Canucks podcast in the land. No stats needed, we take the cake.

The Canucks are taking the league by storm and whether it’s via the Lotto Line, the good boys line, or their insanely good goaltending, the Canucks just might be the best version of this team we’ve ever seen.

We debate what championship team windows look like, where the Canucks fit into that model and what they might need towards the deadline to make a big run.

James informs everyone about the growing gap in the middle of Canada’s hockey development process and why the conversation needs to be had to catch up to the US development program.

We’re ready to hit the ground running for the second half of the season. Join us for all the fun.

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