Oct 5 - 2022

Tom & Gisele, Sean Avery Goes Awol, Jeremy Mackenzie Has Been Arrested & Hockey Canada’s Second Sexual Assault Slush Fund

The Dean Blundell Show

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Welcome back, HOSERS!

It’s Tuesday, and we are up to here with NEWS.

– It looks like it’s splitsville for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. The NY Post reports the super couple has hired divorce lawyers to divvy it all up. Gisele is mad at Tom for playing again this year, and Tom is angry because Gisele doesn’t get it, and Antonio Brown may have boned Tom’s wife, so this is getting uncomfortable already!

Former NHL scrub Sean Avery is back in the news after a failed attempt to play hockey again. This time he’s selling scores with teenagers who like parking illegally and the VIDEO is tremendous. Is there a bigger douchebag on the planet than Sean Avery? We discuss!

Our new SASKY blogger Tammy Robert joins us from Saskatoon to report on the Jeremy Mackenzie court appearances. Diagolon’s leader is being held without bail after having numerous charges dropped on his head. We go through the charges and talk about how weird it is that they acted on the warrants after Jeremy sexually threatened PP’s wife.

Does Hockey Canada have two sex assault slush funds? You bet your ass they do! We discuss the who’s and how’s of a government-run organization covering up sexual assaults for 40 years with kids’ hockey registration fees.

And Is Elon Musk buying Twitter (Again) to stop the firehose of damning emails and texts from coming out? You bet he is!!!

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