Feb 1 - 2024

Tom Muir and Alex Cheng: Policing and Social Services- A Written Agreement on How They Can Best Work Together to Serve Vulnerable Populations

On The Way Home

About the Episode


To create clarity, transparency and efficiency in the work of social service agencies and the police do together through their interactions in the community, the York Regional Police and social service organizations in York Region came together to create a memorandum of understanding that is shared with both staff and officers, ultimately resulting in better serving their most vulnerable across the Region. This week, we are joined by Detective, Tom Muir from the YRP and Alex Cheng, a Director at Blue Door, two of the leaders responsible for coordinating this effort. We chat about how the MOU came about, what the challenges were in putting it together, what their hopes are for it, the next steps, and how other organizations and police forces can reach out to do something similar in their communities.

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