Nov 30 - 2023

Top 5 Cartoons, Ted’s Rant, and Canucks of Yesteryear

About the Episode

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THE PP1 Podcast is back for what might be described as “the most fun episode the guys have done this year”.

This year, there will be a Christmas show and we want you to join us. We’re going to let you come on the show and talk about your favourite Canucks moment/memory and put that “ornament” on the theoretical tree. Should be fun… stay tuned.

The Canucks have THREE players with 30+ points through the first 23 games of the season which has only been matched two other times in NHL history: the Senators in 07 and the Penguins in 09. We can’t find the tweet but trust us.

Ted gets Ryan to name players from both the Canucks and Penguins of those years. A lot of fun going down memory lane.

Ryan eggs Ted on with the talk about Boeser staying and maybe Kuzmenko being traded? Let’s say Ted is slightly irate.

We debut a new segment that might just catch on: Ranker

Ted gets Ryan to pick his Top 5 80’s/90’s Saturday cartoons. Some great audio to be sure.

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