Dec 13 - 2023

Trudeau Haters And Why He Abandoned Conservative Media

The Charles Adler Show

About the Episode

Welcome to another dual cast. “Chuck & Dean” break a few pressing issues down FROM THE INSIDE:

– Chuck has a medical confession to start the show and challenges medical hypochondriacs not to diagnose themselves with multiple cancers with every ache and pain. Go To A Doctor. Chances are you’re fine.

Charles spent 30 years in Conservative political messaging war rooms with almost every conservative PM in the last 30 years. He’s also been a HUGE part of conservative media’s political ecosystem for longer. Many believe Charles is the Godfather of Conservative political shitposting and gaslighting, and he agrees.

We talked about where the Trudeau hatred, F Trudeau flags, bumper stickers, and death threat hatred for Trudeau comes from. It’s way easier to understand than you think. Trudeau has a significant problem on his hands. He might be TOO good-looking. And, of course, he’s well-dressed, so hillbillies believe he’s a gay pedophile because Terry6969 probably wants a piece of JT’s ass.

Charles and Dean break down the choice between both cultures come election season. It’s a toss, but hatred is polling better than Trudeau. That’s not an excellent sign for Canadians. When hate-mongering and racist, homophobic assholes outnumber common sense and inclusiveness.

Charles is uniquely qualified to discuss the subject of exclusionary hate-filled politics. Several years ago, Charles lost his job and career as Canada’s only nationally Syndicated Talk show host for challenging then Alberta Premier Jason Kenny to apologize to the gay community for one of his MP’s admission that gay people weren’t human. Charles is from a family of Holocaust survivors and sacrificed his career and ALL of his professional relationships to advocate for the LGBTQ community that day, and his recounting of the story will leave you breathless.

Enjoy, and thanks for listening.


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