Feb 7 - 2023

Tyler Smith Shares His Story: It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll

About the Episode

After many calls to coaches across Western Canada to give Tyler a chance to play Junior A, he reached out to an old Bronco Trevor Posch and told him to put in a good word with Coach Darcy for him.

Fast forward a couple days and Tyler packed his vehicle and made the 6-hour trek to Humboldt from Leduc. Darcy was the only coach that gave him a chance.

Tyler instantly knew this team was special. A group of good hockey players and also good people thanks to Darcy and his team of coaches and staff. Being able to live with Paul and Nancy Jefferson made things that much better. A welcoming home that feels like a 2nd home to Tyler now. A few months later brought his new billet brother and ex-teammate Parker Tobin into the Jefferson home with him. A special bond in that home they had. This podcast shares the story of the spirit of the team, how the crash has affected all aspects of Tyler’s life, and how it sparked a need in him to share his mental struggles and be an advocate for mental health.

Now, Tyler is in his 4th and final semester of school for Television Broadcasting. Tyler doesn’t know where his future will take him, but seems to have found a passion for mental health advocacy. He has recently moved to Calgary with his girlfriend Katrina and plans to continue to take things one day at a time.

He’s also been hard at work at advocacy, public speaking, and clothing ventures; Not Alone Co., Tyler’s collective, has one ultimate goal: to help initiate those tough, meaningful conversations around something that gets far too overlooked – your mental health. At Not Alone, they aim to create a space of acceptance, support and awareness and created comfy loungewear to represent that. 

The team at Not Alone is devoted to ensuring that a community and culture of individuals is created in order to facilitate a space of vulnerability, courage, bravery and ultimately acceptance. This is something we want to be about you. You matter. We care about you. And we are here to remind you that you are never alone in all that you are struggling through. 

Click here to visit the Not Alone website.

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