Feb 14 - 2024

Usher Sucks and Corey Perry Greasy Pizza Paddle Story

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

We’re back, and Lochlin has Diahrea and Cory Perry/Bedard’s mom’s details, and he got all of it in MEXICO!

If you’re looking to lose a quick 30 pounds, Lochlin has the “Mexican Street Taco Life Hack” for the ages.

While in MEXICO, Lochlin ran into some “NHL” guys who shed light on Cory Perry having sex with Bedard’s Mom rumours.

It turns out it’s a story bout a man coming of age with a pizza paddle, Corey Perry, Nick Foligno, student loans, and some spanking. It makes more sense than all the other rumours. And holy shit, is it a funny story.

We also took a MASSIVE dump on the worst Super Bowl/Superbowl halftime show in history, and Dean is PRETTY sure the Usher has herpes.

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