Jan 9 - 2024

Viral Gaza Protest Video With Caryma Sa’d & Canada Proud Lawsuit Update

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Caryma is back, and we have some news:

Caryma has been covering the Israel/Gaza protests. Her latest viral video has become an internationally bastardized viral video. It features a Toronto Police officer handing Gaza protestors coffee and come cups. Fox, the Sun, and several other alt-right news outlets edited the video taking it all out of context to paint Canada like it was a shithole being overrun by immigrant terrorists. Caryma’s video, in context, is a textbook example of how news outlets use videos to lie to people.

Caryma is also on Dean’s legal team, along with Fred Wu, and we dropped our legal defense and counterclaim today. They sued us for 200K and an immediate injunction preventing me from talking about them or their client #MapleMAGA (Conservative Party of Canada).


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