Dec 8 - 2023

Warren Kinsella: Hanukkah/Antisemitism Politics, Carbon Tax Stunts

The Charles Adler Show

About the Episode

Charles welcomes the venerable Warren Kinsella back for another spin into the weekend!

It’s Hanukkah, and Mayors/politicians around North America are skipping lighting ceremonies because they have no clue how to separate Jewish Christmas from Politics.

The Mayor of Calgary and a few other politicians refused to show up for Menora lightings in case they offended Hamas supporters. Is that a real thing? Yup/ Warrena and Chuck explain.

MIT, Harvard, and UPenn presidents said calling for the genocide of Jews on their campuses was totally acceptable. Chuck and Warren give some background on the financial model of international students and why post-secondary education institutes have become a breeding ground of hatred towards democracy and the Jewish faith.

We close with Pierre Poilievre’s Carbon tax stunt. Warren is pro-stunt. Charles is not. I love it when two legends disagree with respect. You could learn a lot about discourse from these two men.

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