Dec 2 - 2023

Warren Kinsella: Jew Hatred, Kissinger & Trudeau’s Done

The Charles Adler Show

About the Episode

Charles welcomes his old battery mate, legendary Political Insider, Lawyer, and author Warren Kinsella to his show!

– October 7th and the rise of Anti-Semitism requires a history lesson

– Fomenting Anti-Semitism at bookstores and Cafe in Toronto a world away: how does it happen and who’s to blame?

– Support for the terrorist organization Hamas is a red herring, and it’s fomenting hatred for Hebrews worldwide.

– Why are Jews always the Target of cultural hatred?

– According to polls, Trudeau is done, but is it just conservative voters who can’t stand him? Warren, a card-carrying Liberal, has some surprising stats…

– Does a Trump re-election bode well for Trudeau?

– Pierre’s a dick, but he’ll be the next PM…

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