Oct 7 - 2021

What is Happening on Ontario University Campuses?

The 905er

About the Episode

In recent news, the misbehaviour of Ontario university students has been in the headlines.  Recently at McMaster University, vandalism and violence were the hallmarks of an unsanctioned homecoming party.  And at the beginning of the year, the University of Western Ontario was dealing with allegations of widespread sexual assault in one of its residences.  

This trend made us wonder what made this year so unique for bad behaviour at our post-secondary institutions?  To investigate, we invited Nick Paul to chat.  Nick is our fantastic sound editor, who helps us make the final episodes you listen to each week.  He is also a fourth-year engineering student at Western and is from the 905.  We talked with him to get his perspective as to how well students and administration are handling the return to classes after a year of lockdown due to COVID-19.  And the realities of half a universities population not prepared for life away from home.

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Nicholas Paul: sound editing.

The Quadrafonics: fantastic opening and closing tunes!

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