Pierre Poilievre (#PeePee) Deletes Tweet Claiming Trudeau Foundation Is Funded By Beijing/Chinese Communist Party

Jason Pugh Mar 18, 2023

This is huge! (YUGE?)

All I want to know is, was it Pierre Poilievre himself who deleted the tweet?


Poilievre has spent ~18 years as a Member of Parliament. Most of which was spent yapping and barking from Harper’s lap.

Now he has to deal with actually being held accountable.

It seems as though the crack team over at Pierre’s Comms office (Canada Proud?) has learned that there’s such a thing as ‘parliamentary privilege,’ and they can’t just write whatever Pierre would yap about IN the House of Commons when he’s not actually in it.

On Twitter, the leader of the #CPC Convoy Party of Canada went from saying there was $200K donated to the Trudeau Foundation to it being “BEIJING-FUNDED” – wow!

The tweet has now been deleted.

Did he write the tweet himself?

Better yet. Did he order it to be deleted?

This should be a simple question for the “master” of yes or no questions, eh?

So, Pierre Poilievre. Did YOU demand this tweet be deleted?

YES or NO?

Jason Pugh

Jason Pugh

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