Police Have Video Of Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Getting “Serviced” At Asian Spa That Practiced ‘Minimal Hygiene’

Feb 23, 2019

That’s gotta be comforting to read after getting arrested.  The brothel you were busted at is an Asian Massage Parlor that practices ‘Minimal Hygiene’.

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News broke of Pats owner and uber legend Robert Kraft’s arrest in our Podcast yesterday.  

I’ve had some time to reflect now we have more info.  Police say they have more than one video of Kraft engaging in a sex act with a sex worker.  I personally don’t give a shit and know lots of guys who frequent these ‘Rub N Tugs’ as they’re known where I live.  The real issue arises if Kraft knew these girls were being held to work against their will.

Really.  STUNNED??

His wife died a few years ago, he has a 35-year-old GF.

He just won his 6th SB.

He has Billions and 4 jets and people are stunned he pays for hand jobs?


I agree with the majority, human trafficking is terrible, but if you don’t know you’re getting a hand job from a person who’s being forced to do it, are you complicit in the trafficking?

The NFL won’t do shit because if you think Kraft is the only NFL owner to pay for sex from a sex worker, you’re dumb.

That’s never good to read in a tweet about the hookers you’ve been enjoying time with, huh.  Their hygiene was ‘MINIMAL AT BEST.’

1500 days of at least 5 hand jobs (or blow jobs, or sex) a day for over four years with minimal washing, medication or checkups.

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Here’s the Spa Kraft was filmed at.  “(Diseased) Orchids of Asia”

Let’s say someone (unbeknownst to you) put a Kilo of Columbian Bam Bam in your seat cushions and you get stopped for speeding.  During the search,  cops find the coke and you get busted for intent to traffic and your life is ruined.

Sure Kraft, getting yanked at a massage parlor is a bad look, but I know loads of guys who frequent places like this.

I think the judgment for Kraft should be reserved until we know if he knew these women were there against their will.

Sounds shitty, but when it comes to sex, no one cares how the sausage is made.  They just wanna eat the sausage.  Or get it pulled on a few times by a prostitute.

I don’t judge.  You can, but in God’s eyes, that’s worse than getting a hand job.

Glad these women were freed and I hope they are reunited with family and friends and get to lead a happy life, free of forced anything.

Robert Kraft??

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He’s gonna be fine.   You’d have to care not to be.

According to Police, there are bigger names on this list… Names that frequent Mar-A-Lago.  Could this be what I think it is?

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