Pot Shops Open In Ontario Today. Here’s Who’s Holding Near You.

Apr 1, 2019

Source:  Ontario’s first brick-and-mortar cannabis stores are set to open today, but it’s unclear just how many will be ready to serve customers.

The Progressive Conservative government had planned to have 25 stores across the province launch today, but some are still working through a lengthy approval process.

According to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, just 10 stores have been approved to open on April 1. However operators will determine on their own when they will open.

Locations approved to operate include three in Ottawa, three in the Greater Toronto Area including one in Toronto, two in Kingston, one in St. Catharines and London.

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And hello retail weed.  Nice to see you make an appearance after roaming the wasteland of the black market needlessly for years.

Ontario has 10 locations opening to the public today and rural Ontario has a head start.

Toronto’s 2.5 million people will have to fight for a spot in line at the ‘Hunny Pot’, downtown TO close to Younge Dundas Square.  Maybe it’s the principal but lining up for two days to get weed when people will bring it to you in 30 minutes on Weedmaps, but I love the love people have for being able to buy a blunt next to Pizza Pizza.  Queen West is the Ultimate yuppie hang spot for 18-45 year old’s with $$$ too.  Smart move Hunny.

Here’s who’s open in your neck of the woods:


Spirit Leaf open in Kingston:

Niagara Herbalist is open in St Catherines.

The “Ganjika House” in Brampton (a clever play on the demographic and Weed.  Smart)

‘Superette’, ‘Fire & Flower’ and ‘HOBO’ Open In Ottawa:


Superette Cannabis

And Fire & Flower:

Be smart.  Ask a pile of Questions.  Don’t be a douchebag and ask for a sample.  They fucking hate that.

Look for a majority of these stores to open sporadically between now and April 20.  Pot smokers are a nostalgic bunch.

And because it’s legal doesn’t mean you should pound your body with it.  Especially if you’re under 24.  Your brain hasn’t finished forming yet and you run the risk of being one of those people who never shows emotion and gets things 5 seconds after everyone else does.

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