Video: Putin Has Arrested 14,000 Protestors Since February 24th

Mar 11, 2022

Trudeau the Tyrant move over, there’s an actual tyrant in town.

Since the day of the invasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin has arrested nearly 14, 000 protestors, activists, and civilians who have been outspoken about the invasion of Ukraine, a massive number, especially since many Russians are still blissfully unaware their country is even at war, a testament to the tight control Putin has over state-run media outlets.

From The Guardian; Although many Russians are against the war, others are barely aware of it. Most Russians receive their news from state media, which is under strict instruction to refer to Russia’s actions in Ukraine as a “special military operation”; using the terms war, attack or invasion is now a crime. Though it is difficult to estimate what share of Russians believe the state line, misinformation and propaganda are incredibly widespread.

The political opposition has been decimated in the last few years and is unable to coordinate an anti-war effort. Following the January 2021 protests in support of Alexey Navalny, his organizations were declared extremist and functionally eliminated. Other opposition political parties with national reach, such as Yabloko, are exceedingly unlikely to chance severe penalties for organizing illegal protests, or expose their followers to repression.’

OVD News, an independent Russian human rights media project aimed at combating political prosecution, lists all the detainees, when they were detained, and their current status as prisoners. Some activists have simply vanished, feared dead or isolated inside Russian prisons with no hope for release in the immediate future.

Marina Litvinovich, arrested on the first day of the invasion a few hours after posting about protests and where they would be held, set the standard for mass arrests by the Putin regime in order to combat any pushback on the illegal invasion.

The number of protestors who will be detained is not expected to lessen any time soon, and with neighbouring countries like Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan also arresting protestors assembled in front of the Russian embassy, Putin seems to have successfully enforced his puppet leaders to act on the tyrant’s behalf.

More on this story as it continues to develop.

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