Raptors Take The Wiz In Double OT And Kawhi Leonard Was Magic Again

Jan 14, 2019

Raps were unexpectedly in tough against the 18-26 Wizards who were without John Wall so it shoulda been a cake walk.   It wasn’t and they needed that 3 ball from Serge.

The Wizards suck, but they didn’t yesterday because Bradley Beal > John Wall who’s been out for a couple of weeks.  It’s Beals team now, and he was lights out yesterday in Washington.


Stat lines are always misleading in double OT games but you gotta score to get there and Kawhi was the second best player on the floor yesterday.  He didn’t pace Beals Triple Double, but 41 points, 11 rebounds, five assists, three steals, two blocks is a better line because of the W at the end.


He was 52 percent from the floor yesterday too.  Suck on that.


I’m convinced if Kawhi were more selfish, the Raps would be 45-0.  Seriously.

It’s getting hard to imagine he’s planning on taking off to LA next year despite the rumors.  The Raptors are the only team who can give Kawhi a franchise and that extra year at 35 million and the way this team plays around him combined with the protection he gets from guys like Siakam and Ibaka; it’s a no brainer.

The Raptors sit 1.5 games up on the Bucks for 1st in the East with 60 lost man games due to rest and injury.  I know it drives people fucking crazy when Leonards sits the second of a back to back but Nick Nurse is eyeing the long game.  That’s the biggest difference from the poser years till now.  Knowing what you have, managing it for the playoffs.  As much as I loved Dwayne Casey he had the exact opposite approach, leading to repeat failure when it mattered most and it sucked.


ICYMI, stuff like this is important to note.  Kawhi’s camaraderie with teammates he didn’t want to play with, seems healthy.



Signposts, people.  Signposts.


Winning helps but looks for signposts like this followed by The Raptors given Kawhi and equity position, a max deal and shares in MLSE.

I’d chip in too.  I just wish I had something he wanted.

Dean Blundell

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