Ray’s Sports Rant Podcast: Is It Stanley Cup or Bust For The Maple Leafs?

Aug 31, 2022

Episode #12 of Ray’s Sports Rant is ready for download, and on this episode I’ve got everybody covered.

Don’t look now, but Auston Matthews has two years remaining on his contract. Without a doubt, he will be the highest-paid player in the NHL when he signs his new deal. It feels like Championship or bust for Kyle Dubas and Brandon Shanahan. 

The Toronto Blue Jays scored a huge extra inning win over the Chicago Cubs Monday Night. Danny Jansen was the hero of the game. How important is the bottom of the lineup to the Blue Jays success? 

Richie Laryea has only been dribbled past once in 5 games since returning to TFC, and he’s completed 100% of his dribbles (8/8). He also has 3 assists, 1 penalty won, 21 fouls won, 38 ground duels won, and 91% pass accuracy. Great performances at right back. How big of an impact has Richie Laryea made on TFC since his return? 

Tom Brady is under constant fan scrutiny. People say things like he’s overrated, system QB etc… Why do people hate great athletes? 

Tom Brady lost Gronk, Patrick Mahomes lost Tyreek Hill, and Aaron Rodgers lost Davante Adams. Which quarterback will miss their favourite targets the most, Brady, Mahomes, or Rodgers?

Plus I discuss how sports fans are stuck in the past, and I review Malice at the Palace on Netflix.

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