Rebel Media’s arrested journalist and Pierre Poilievre’s selective outrage

Jason Pugh Jan 9, 2024

Everyone is talking about the arrest of Rebel’s journalist.

Of course, Pierre Poilievre and his minions are saying this is somehow the Prime Minister’s fault:

As we all know, rage is the only thing Pierre Poilievre knows about farming. He pulls it out of his arse and ZAPS it through the internet and onto the screen of your device. (He’s a lot like an electrician that way…but for rage farming.)

I guess complaining about the Prime Minister going on vacation wasn’t getting much traction, so it was time for PP to move on to the next faux-rage du jour to blame on the PM.

About the vacation: HEY, Canadian Media, you know that just because Pierre Poilievre calls something a scandal doesn’t make it so, right? You DO know that you don’t HAVE to take the bait every single time.

It’s not like there’s been much to criticize Pierre Poilievre over or anything. Nothing that would have resulted in weeks or months of endless talking heads, Cons pumping out fundraising videos LIVE on CPAC from the House of Commons had it been the PM instead of PP …

Sure, Pierre Poilievre, without knowing what the hell was actually going on, politicized a car crash at the border by calling it a terrorist attack and insinuated that it was Trudeau’s fault/failure:


And he wasted a couple of million pulling this stunt:

Plus, you’ll remember that Poilievre wasn’t even there for most of it. No, no, he was off hobnobbing with Montreal elites at a $1700 per-person fundraiser:

An event held at the 40 Westt Steakhouse.

From their site:
“Discover 40 Westt, Montreal’s West Island’s best kept secret, located minutes from the airport and within proximity of downtown, offering an unsurpassed dining experience in its “Hotel Look” ambiance. Whether you’re enjoying a succulent steak, sampling our freshly shucked oysters, indulging on one of our sinful desserts or enjoying the smooth sounds of soul with our live jazz band available Friday and Saturday evenings; 40 Westt has all the ingredients for a memorable evening.
Free parking”

    (Source: 40 Westt Facebook)

However, he did show up, eventually, with bags of McDonald’s to feed the underlings he was forcing to work all night:

Now that’s what I call #McWINNING!

    (BTW, do they put those stickers on the bags when you buy the food at the restaurant? Or are they just for when you order Uber Eats? Because I’m pretty sure PP didn’t have his driver make a stop so he could belly-up to the McD’s counter to place an order.)

Pierre Poilievre wasted ~$2 MILLION of OUR tax dollars and accomplished absolutely nothing.

Oh, hey. Speaking of wasted. After feeding his adoring MP’s, this is how Pierre Poilievre acted in the House of Commons:

Imagine if Justin Trudeau showed up to work hammered. Conservatives would fundraise so hard off that. Heck, they’d even have committee meetings so they could have fundraising videos with the usual HoC backdrop AND those dramatic committee moments where Garnett makes this face:

However it wasn’t Justin Trudeau so it doesn’t matter. That’s our PP!

Oh, plus Pierre Poilievre’s party voted against establishing a framework for a national food program for students:

AND voted against the Ukraine trade deal:

But let’s forget about all of that. Put it in Canadian Media’s version of the Disney Vault. Only to be forgotten forever.

No, no. Justin Trudeau went on a vacation and stayed at a friend’s cottage. Well, by “cottage” I mean really really really expensive and fancy private island but, you know what? Cry harder. That’s the life he was born into. Those are life-long family friends.

And now Pierre Poilievre, knowing he needs to provide the next fix for his rage addicted base is now blaming the actions of that police officer on the Prime Minister.

Does Pierre Poilievre think that the PM directly controls the police? Is this projection? Is that what HE would do if he ended up in the PMO? (Yes. The answer is clearly yes.)

So he posts the video from Ezra Levant’s Rebel.

Conveniently you can click on the “Stand with David” link which will take ya over to Rebel so you can donate!

Oh, would ya look at that! An ad for the Conservative party of Canada.

How convenient! So after you’re done donating for Menzies’ legal defense you can ADD YOUR NAME by signing Pierre’s petition against the World Economic Forum and then donate to the CPC!


As Ed, and many have pointed out, David has been arrested before:

CBC News Network had a segment on earlier about the Menzoid incident but failed to mention that Davide Menzies called it “Black Face’s Canada” three times during the video.

    (I suppose it’s just a coincidence that Rebel used the image of that very moment. Surely a coincidence.)

M.R. Binnion (Canada Strong and Free/Questerre Energy) had an opinion to which Mark Buerie responded:

Power and Politics just did a segment on it where they discuss that “journalist” being arrested at the Lantsman event.

Michele Cadario even called out Pierre Poilievre’s hypocrisy for not saying anything about that incident but putting out that tweet today.

“It’s complete and utter hypocrisy is what it is.” – Michele Cadario

Welcome to the Conservative Party of Canada’s Rage Buffet!


Jason Pugh

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