Red Sox Lose Two Straight To Yankees & Boston Predictably Overreacts

Apr 10, 2022

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but Boston sports media is overreacting to a Boston sports team not winning. 

The Boston Red Sox kicked off their 2022 campaign against the New York Yankees in New York. Anytime the Red Sox and the Yankees meet it’s going to cause saucy headlines. Add the pressure of opening day, and shit’s going to hit the fan. 

The Yankees have hit five home runs between Friday and Saturday, and that of course has become a talking point amongst Red Sox talking heads, and sensationalizing talk radio hosts.

Some Boston’ fans have immediately put the blame on general manager Chiam Bloom, and have pointed out that he cheapened out on the bullpen. Just to clear things up, the Sox bullpen has actually been pretty fucking good over two days. Collectively the Red Sox bullpen has pitched 7.1 innings, and have given up four hits, one earned run, three walks, and struck out nine. So, maybe the pen isn’t as bad as the fans want it to be. 

As for the home runs, it’s Yankee Fucking Stadium. I’m pretty confident I could hit one over the fence at Yankee Stadium, and the last time I played ball was when I was on my high school’s  mixed tournament softball team… We won one game and got bounced in the first knockout game… I was a captain… that’s how fucking bad we were… I’m pretty sure I could hit a home run at Yankee Stadium. If New York hadn’t hit five home runs I would have been more concerned.

Lastly, the Red Sox have played two fucking games this season! I put out a little blog this morning talking about the Blue Jays undefeated season knowing how ridiculous it sounded. So if you are a Sox fan, and I know some of you are, chill-the-fuck-out. Let’s talk in August, maybe even the second series. However, I’m not going to entertain any of this bullshit after the second game of the season. 

Sometimes I wonder how Boston sports fans even have time to watch games in between their constant whining.

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