Retired NBA Legend Don Nelson Smokes A Ton Of Weed And “Is Having A Pretty Good Time” Doing It

Feb 23, 2019
Coach Don Nelson would let his players get high before the games because it made them play better.|Baron Davis was one of the best dunking PG of his era

Does your Grandpa smoke weed? Grandpa Nelson sure does.

Retired NBA Coach and Player, Don Nelson was recently asked how his retirement in Hawaii was going, and his response was legendary. If you aren’t too familiar with Don Nelson, think back to the Golden State Warrior teams with Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson. It’s been documented many times that Coach Nelson was totally ok if his players went out to the parking lot before the games and smoked weed. He’s a man of the people, as you can tell from a quote from Stephen Jackson on why his players loved him:

“(M)e and [teammate] Baron [Davis] are coming out the locker room just screaming, excited with our last pink slip saying we could smoke for the rest of the season, and Don Nelson hauls ass down there giving us high-fives, like, ‘Yeah, we can smoke now!'” Jackson recalled. “It was cool, the fact that he knows what’s going on off the court with his players, which was great, man. We enjoyed it. That’s why we were a great team.”

So how’s retirement going, Don?


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