RFK Jr. Denies Commenting ‘WOW’ On This Only Fans Models Thirst Trap, The CLEAR Evidence Says Otherwise

Feb 1, 2024

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Whooooops. Robert,Robert,Robert. We’ve all been there, am I right fellas. Get caught slipping looking at IG models on on our phone, liking the wrong photo or commenting something thirsty.

Can we blame Robert? Yes, yes we can. He is a grown ASS man who just announced his bid for the presidency. Not some horny teenager sitting in his moms basement. Grow up and get a burner account Rob.

The influencer in question Tyler Idol has since stated that her ‘booty cheeks’ might sway a presidential election. Toss that on your Linkedin.

Rob has since responded, denying all allegations.

Just own it Robert. Man up. No one would blame you. Next time fire up a burner account. Kobert Rennedy or something. Boomers will never get it.

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