Rihanna’s Baby Is Freezing

Joe Williamson Mar 16, 2022

In late January Rihanna announced that she and A$AP Rockey were pregnant with her first child. The media intially went nuts because next to Beyonce, this is one of the most talked about women on the planet, only richer. For those who might be unaware Rihanna’s networth is an estimated 1.7Billion on the strenghth of her music catalaouge and Fenty beauty products. So anytime a billionaire gets pregnant, it’s news.

Shortly thereafter Rihanna began making lots of public appearances and I couldn’t help but notice, that baby looks cold.

From fashion and award shows to running errands the bump is always out, and I say good for her. My gut is twice that size and I couldn’t pull off those looks without the police stopping to ask me a few serious questions. But I will give a little piece of fatherly/husband advice to A$AP, I would always have a hoody packed somewhere near by, just in case. Pregnancy mood swings are a VERY real thing and while your wife might love how she’s feeling as she leaves the house, there’s no guarantee she’ll feel that way when you arrive. You’re part of a billionaire’s family, just hire a professional hoodie holder and you’ll be set. STAY WARM RIHANNA!

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