Rodion Amirov Passes Away From Brain Tumour at 21

Aug 14, 2023

Today Leaf and hockey fans faced a dark reality when the news of 2020 first-round pick Rodian Amirov had lost his battle with a brain tumour. His agent Dan Millstein was the one to break the news to the hockey world.

Today comes with a grim reminder that life is a very precious thing and to not waste any day that we are alive. It’s tough to put it into words but as someone who has lost someone close to a brain tumor, it truly sucks.

The Toronto Maple Leafs, who released the following statement.

“Over the duration of his courageous battle, Rodin’s positively inspired everyone around him and made lasting impressions with our team and fans in his brief visits to Toronto,” team president Brendan Shanahan said. “It’s incredibly sad to see a young man with so much promise taken from us so soon.”

The hockey world was quick to react to this devastating news of Rodions passing as well.

Death is a thing alot of us always think about and have experienced. Weather it be a family member or even a friend, but a 21 year old hockey player is something that is hard to process so if the article sounds weird, I apologize because to be honest it’s an unspeakable tragedy that is very hard to put into words.

Rodion’s agent Dan Milstein did also highlight the fact that even from Day 1 of his diagnosis Rodion “refused to speak in the negative, determined to enjoy every day [while] facing it with the same positive attitude he showed during his hockey career”

He was a fighter who faced life and his diagnosis with a positive mindset and I think that is something we all should work to do in life, be positive look at life glass half full instead of half empty and lets remember Rodion for the hockey player that he was plis the determined positive person he was off the ice even throughout the toughest battle that he ultimately succumbed to.

RIP Rodion, you will be missed.

Griff Bordignon

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