Rookie: Here Are Some Tips To Give Your Dad/Husband The Best Father’s Day Ever

Jun 18, 2022


Sorry but it’s true. Dad will never admit this to their family for fear of getting in trouble with their wives. So I’ll say it so any Dads reading this blog can share this with their family and ol Rookie will take the hit for it.

Leave…Them…Alone.It’s the truth, Dads everywhere just want to be left alone on fathers day to do dad things in silence. Keyword SILENCE.

Cut the grass, golf, watch tv, sleep, smoke cigars, and stare at the meat cooking on the barbecue.

Wives/children pay attention. Do not make any elaborate plans for your hubby/dad where he needs to get up and do things. Steer clear from hikes, trips to the garden centre, family picnics, photo shoots anything where they need to think or move.

And for GOD SAKES, don’t change the thermostat.

Here is what you do. Head to the beer store grab 24 Miller Genuine Draft tall cans, put them at your dad’s feet and say happy fathers’ day and walk away.

And wives, I hate to do this to you but I am going to do it. No beer counting tomorrow. If dad wants to have 12 beers let him. It’s his hangover to deal with tomorrow. Just put away the “ugh another one” for 1 day.

It’s simple. Don’t ask for a Visa card kids, don’t ask for help with the car, and don’t complain about chores that aren’t done.

If you want to put the cherry on the ice cream Sunday get a nice fat pack of Costco New York Strip Loin steaks and let him barbecue in peace for the family. No asking when dinner is going to be ready or complaining about the steaks being “pink on the inside”. SAVE IT!!

You’re welcome, Dads. Share this post with your family and enjoy the day.


Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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