Russian’s and The Conservative Party Of Canada Downplayed/Ignored Zelensky’s Visit To Canada. Here’s Why.

Sep 24, 2023

I posted this (out of context pic yesterday) for a reason. Conservative Party Of Canada “leader” Pierre Poilievere is not making eye contact with the war-torn president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

It went viral. I’ve been called a gaslighter, commie, and pedo by Russian bots and Poilievre supporters/trolls. But if you’re not paying attention to this, kids, you’re not paying attention.

PeePee had an exchange with Zelensky. He looked him in the eye. But that’s where the acknowledgment and support of Zelensky by Poilievere and his Conservative Party stopped during Zelensky’s visit.

We can interpret and misrepresent anything. Some people do. But you can attain intention with actions or nonaction. It’s easy to do. Was the pic of PeePee looking away from Zelesnky “click baity?”  Yup. But in no way did he show any support for Zelensky’s visit or the People of Ukraine. Still Hasn’t.

It’s impressive to see the coincidental actions and actions of those who share the same thought process and support the same things.

And again, there is not a WORD about Zelensky’s visit to Canada on PeePee’s timeline. No official statement or effort to highlight the reason for Zelensky’s visit – to beg for continued support to fight the Russian genocide of Ukrainian men, women, and children tortured and murdered by Putin’s Orcs for the past two years.

Birds of a Feather

Conservative Party of Canada members were told not to tweet (too much or not at all) or comment about two things this week: The assassination of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil by the hard-right Indian Government—and Zelensky’s visit.

Some voiced support for Zelensky and Ukraine (not PeePee).

No one voiced support for the assassinated Canadian.

India and Russia approve.

Pierre Poilievre set the tone. He still hasn’t commented, tweeted, or talked about Zelensky’s visit in any material way. Conservative Party Members haven’t voiced ANY support for Ukraine, Zelensky, or the murder of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil by India’s hardline government.

Conservatives and Russians were strange bedfellows during the “Freedumb Convoy” too.

Religion/Foreign/Domestic Influence through religious ideologies is the lynchpin here. That’s why Russia spent 20 years endearing itself to hardline religious conservatives. Trump was their goal in the US, PeePee, or any Harper acolyte in Canada.

The Conservative Party of Canada values the same Christian orthodox ideology shared by Putin and Russian culture. Russian Orthodox Christianity is just a pivot from Evangelical extremism in Russia, and the CPC is also chock full of hardline evangelicals. They share the same anti-LGBTQ, pro-birth agenda. Hardline CPC members LOVED the domestic disruption of the Convoy,  as did Russ,ia who supported the Convoy, spending Millions to help with a steady stream of online boosting of disinformation, supportive news stories, state-run TV stations on Telegram, etc.

Russia wants the same thing Poilievere wants, for HIM to be Canada’s next PM and represent Canada as a shithole of gay-loving degenerates who jail the “unwoke” and the death progressivism.

The CPC knows it’s bad business to look overly supportive of anything Ukraine because A) their base broadly supports Russian aggression against the Ukranian people (Putin’s labeled them all as baby-eating Nazis who hate God) and B) They aren’t about to give Trudeau any support and if that includes snubbing a man fighting the genocide of his people.

The same can be said about Russia’s hatred of the LGBTQ community.

Russia has been beating and murdering gay people for decades. Six years ago, Putin made it illegal to be gay in Russia, calling it a perversion against God. They don’t acknowledge the legitimacy of gay human beings. They think homosexuality alternative lifestyles are sins against God or mental illness.

Hardline Evangelicals/Muslims/Conservatives feel the same way, and we saw it last week.

CPC members have been fighting drag shows and inclusive education in Canada for the past two years. Evangelical supporters have been doing the same under the banner of “Parental Rights.” CPC members helped hardline anti-LGBTQ conservatives organize last week’s “ANTI-LGBTQ EDUCATION” march under the steam of a gaslit Tweet from Poilievre that shit all over Trudeau’s message of hope for anyone in the LGBTQ community marginalized by hate.

Misrepresentation of inclusive messaging is what Russia is GREAT at. Russia and Poilievere’s Conservatives share the same hateful values and never waste a chance to present that hate as religious/parental freedom.

Chances are, if you agree with anything Putin says, does, or purports to be accurate, you’re a hateful asshole, a religious extremist, brutally misinformed,d or a supporter of The Conservative Party of Canada. You’re probably a hardline Muslim/Christian; get your news from Facebook. You probably think the Bible/Quran is the infallible word of God and hate the secular world. You probably want to subject the heathen population to dictatorial rule, one nation under YOUR God.

Good luck with it.

But stop pretending your boy isn’t compromised and supports the Ukrainian people, democracy, or freedom. He doesn’t. He hasn’t. He’s #SkinnyTrump and #PutinLight, which is why he’s still ignoring Zelensky’s visit and the ongoing genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Good talk.





Dean Blundell

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