Sheldon Keefe Fired By Toronto Maple Leafs

May 9, 2024

Change was wanted, change was expected and now, change has happened.

Sheldon Keefe was “relieved of his duties as head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs.” a fancy term for you’re fired.

This decision is one that was needed as the last few years Sheldon who sure did lead the Leafs to the playoffs every year, but when it mattered most, Sheldon crumbled and even his quote after the teams game 7 loss, left fans scratching their heads.

Here is a stat that will really upset people.

Now was Sheldon a good coach? Yes, but he also had some bad moments, like getting out of the first round once, having a 1-7 series playoff record, while winning 65% of regular season games he coached in, and playing Matthews and Marner together when times got desperate. Sheldon however did take the time to thank fans in a nice video on social media that will leave a not so sour taste in Maple Leafs fans mouths.

Now my first thought was that Sheldon has a Twitter? In all seriousness, it was a very classy gesture to hear it from the horse’s mouth instead of a written statement, you can tell he’s being honest, sincere and apologetic to not getting the Maple Leafs to their full potential. What happens next for him will be a head coach somewhere but I think he may take this season off, after all he is owed money from MLSE for the next two years.

For Toronto, we will see who is next but they need an experienced voice who knows how to win and knows how to light a fire under some players asses.

Maple Leaf and MLSE brass meets with the media tomorrow and we should know more then.

Griff Bordignon

Hi, my name is Griff and I'm a complete sports nut. I love to play sports, watch sports and most importantly bet on sports too. If I'm not watching or betting on sports, you can find me on the golf course, between the pipes as your average beer league goaltender. Although sports take up most of my life, I also love spending time with my two dogs, streaming usually a 90's Simpson's or attempting to read more books.

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