Shots Fired: Kevin Pillar tees off on the Blue Jays

Shug McSween Apr 8, 2019

Shots fired, Superman. Newly minted San Francisco Giant, Kevin Pillar has gone through a whirlwind of emotions the past couple of weeks, and it appears after his latest win in San Fran, it sparked some self-reflection. Pillar didn’t hold back when asked about what it’s like being on his new team and around his new teammates.

Takeaways from these comments:

  1. The Blue Jays had a ton of cliques and battled to be a cohesive unit top to bottom
  2. The Blue Jays vets didn’t do enough to make the young guys feel welcome
  3. The Blue Jays have zero leadership. ZERO.
  4. Kevin Pillar is now the happiest player in the MLB

Superman doing Superman things:

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