Should We Rename Poutine?

Joe Williamson Mar 13, 2022

Freedom Fries anyone?

The year was 2003 and France had made it clear that it would not participate in any invasion of Iraq despite the “War on Terror” being pushed by the Bush administration. To relatiate several restaurant locations throughout the US (including three Congrestional cafeterias) began renaming French Fries to Freedom Fries. TAKE THAT FRANCE!

It’s now 2022 and the world is once again going to shit and a french fry controversy has emerged. It seems Vladimir Putin’s last name in French is written and pronounced Poutine. Yikes.

This is becoming a problem for restaurants in France where Poutine is not a standard on every menu from the finest of restaurants to the local curling rink snack bar. Several have decided to change to the name or add disclamiers or make offical statements about the dish not being something that stands or supports the agressive Dictator. It’s noteworthy that even in Quebec restaurants have had to take similiar steps.

So I ask, is it time to go full Freedom Fries and rename Poutine? What would we even call it? The US is no longer using Freedom Fries so we could borrow that, it still works. Personally, I’m fond of Canadian Curds. Let us know in the comments.

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Joe Williamson

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