Jan 20 - 2023

Hard Know Season 1 Trailer and Announcement

Assorted Goods Podcast

About the Episode

Dan has risen from the podcasting dead to let you know about his new podcast, Hard Know, made in collaboration with his brother David and many members of the wonderful podcasting community.

Hard Know is a narrative-driven, satirical, and creative dive into the many scams, cons, schemes, and deceptions that make up our world. Filled with original music, great writing, insight and information, it’s all the best parts of Assorted Goods and much much more! Dissecting everything from memes to psychics, from con men to news empires. Is truth a matter of perception? Or suggestion?

Subscribe to Hard Know on your podcast player of choice, follow Dan and Hard Know on the socials @disinformeddan and check out the website disinformed.ca/hardknow

Good to see you! Hope you’re well! 🙂

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