Mar 17 - 2023

Closing The Pleasure Gap with Serena Haines

Blue Hotel

About the Episode

What a perfectly positive and enchanting special guest this time who comes with insight galore, related to sex and pleasure with self, and with a partner. Serena Haines is an accomplished Sex and Intimacy Coach who is a distinctly well positioned, as a Certified Sex Coach and Somatic Sex Educator. She has been helping people with sex and intimacy coaching, workshops, and live appearances for years. She has a background in Psychology who has a Sex Coaching Certification through the Sexology Institute of San Antonio and she is certified through the Gottman Institute for relational coaching. And one of her biggest talking points of late: How to speak pussy. So, 69 minutes (that was a stroke of luck) with Serena, and then Jeff reads one of her steamy short stories (MMF) and one of his own (MF). 

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