Mar 21 - 2023

A Father Shares his Grief Following his Son’s Suicide: How You Can Be a Light for Luke Dubé

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll

About the Episode

Trigger Warning: This episode talks in depth about suicide.

Kyle has lived in the Edmonton area his entire life and has been dedicated to working with youth for over 30 years. Kyle has been with YOUCAN Youth Services since 2002. In that time, YOUCAN Youth Services has grown from a one-person office, to being a leading organization in youth work and transitional youth employment programming. Kyle loves working for YOUCAN Youth Services because it is an organization that works very hard at assisting young people to get out and stay out of harm’s way. Kyle is proud that our agency helps youth build lifelong skills that enable them to maintain safe and healthy lifestyles leading them to economic independence. Kyle loves his family, his friends, hockey, U2, and of course every youth that walks through the doors of YOUCAN Youth Services.

In this week’s episode, Kyle shares the heart-wrenching story of losing his son, Luke, to suicide two years ago. His is an incredibly vulnerable, honest, important perspective in which we can learn about grief literacy, the process of grieving, the community’s rally of support, and how every aspect of Kyle’s life will be forever changed. We please ask that you give space for this story as it’s an incredibly important one that we can all learn from and at its core, it’s one of the most emotional episodes of The Inner Circle to date.

Kyle is the host and creator of The Relentless Podcast, which can be streamed anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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