Jun 20 - 2023

Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur with Erin Holowach

Inner Circle with Carrie Doll

About the Episode

Born just outside Edmonton, Erin Holowach and her husband Travis are the minds behind ComFree, which is a name well-known by anyone involved in Edmonton real estate in the early 2000’s. Nowadays, Erin and Travis run its spiritual successor, homeFree, and are bringing fully supported private sales back to the real estate market.

In 2009, in an attempt to take ComFree to the national level, the pair entered into a merger- which unfortunately had disastrous results. Other shareholders had different plans for the company, bringing an end to ComFree and leaving Erin and Travis reeling.

Over the next 12 years, in search of a new business plan, Erin and Travis became full-time entrepreneurs. As it turns out, real estate was their specialty: they were involved in quite a few startups, investments and mergers, culminating in the creation of homeFree. In Erin’s own words from her biography, she also “Continues to be involved in multiple entrepreneurs’ organizations, leadership summits and business coaching, helping other leaders and entrepreneurs grow and operate their business to their fullest potential.”

To learn more about Erin, follow her on LinkedIn or Facebook. Also, if you’re considering buying or selling a property anytime soon, check out homeFree for all your real estate needs.

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