Jan 31 - 2023

#056 New York Times’ Radical Distortions and Fabrications with Ashley Rindsberg, Author of “The Gray Lady Winked”

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The Gray Lady Winked by Ashley Rindsberg

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(5:02) – The impact of Balaji’s love for your book

(6:54) – When did you realize this book needed to be written?

(10:35) – Rejected by publishers

(11:44) – What changed? How did this get published?

(13:51) – The research and writing process

(18:01) – Examples: Holocaust, Fidel Castro, Vietnam, Atomic Bomb… 

(30:45) – Who is responsible for the failures?

(34:45) – Is misreporting happening in other legacy media companies?

(39:15) – Like a real-life ‘Succession’

(43:15) – Do people know about these lies?

(46:04) – Ashley’s broad personal perspective

(52:10) – How Ashley reads the news

(54:27) – The future of legacy media

(57:07) – Building Alitheum to solve these problems

(1:04:58) – Final thoughts

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