Best Of 2022: Some Truckers Descend On Ottawa in the Name of Grifting… I Mean Freedom

Ryan Lindley Dec 28, 2022

A small amount of truck drivers are rolling down the highway to Ottawa to protest in the name of non-existent, empty grocery stores. ~10% of the Canadian trucking profession is unvaccinated. Pictures of empty shelves have been circulating social media to instill fear in the general public that stores will not be adequately stocked to meet our needs. This is simply untrue. The photos started coming from Canada Proud. Canada Proud is a right-wing third party advertising group that is part of a network of “Proud” Facebook pages run primarily by Jeff Ballingall. Assuming they copied the same motives from a similar movement in the US, blaming Joe Biden for an imaginary food shortage. The photo they used were from a Japanese grocery store. Seriously LOL!

A viral photo posted by a right-wing Facebook page called “Canada Proud” claims that grocery stores across Canada are experiencing food shortages due to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government.

On January 17, Canada Proud posted the photo on social media along with text that states: “What Canadian grocery stores look like under Justin Trudeau.”

The photo purports to show the produce section of an Atlantic Superstore in Oromocto, New Brunswick. Most of the grocery store’s shelves and produce stands appear completely empty.

“Does this look like a Canadian grocery store to you?” Canada Proud asks its followers.

“Or does it look more like a Soviet grocery store in the 80s?”

Canada Proud (Facebook)

Canada Proud erroneously claimed that the federal government is responsible for food shortages at the Atlantic Superstore in Oromocto, NB. The picture in their post is authentic, but as explained by Loblaws it was due to late deliveries on account of road conditions.

Industry Association Condemns Stunt

Who is Behind the Grift?

There is a very successful grift in motion as we speak for this clown parade. Fear-driven fundraisers usually are pretty lucrative. Who is organizing the fundraiser? A trucker? A group of truckers? No. It’s a board member for a political party. Does that mean you can get a tax receipt for the donation?

Who is Tamara Lich, you ask? Why she is the Secretary of the board for ‘Maverick,’ Alberta’s separatist party. Imagine that! I wonder how many trucks they own? Excluding the lifted pickups with “TruckNutz” on the trailer hitch, I’m going to say probably none.

I’m sure every penny of this GoFundMe will be dutifully accounted for, just like Chris Sky and Adam Skelley’s were. There is currently a trend on twitter to report the fundraiser as a fraud.

Where there’s French Fries, There’s Always Seagulls

We haven’t seen Hillier and Bernier in a while. They don’t get out of bed until there is a fundraiser milking the feeble-minded out of their CRB cheques. This particular fleecing of the flock is doing really well, so guess who is glomming on?

These hemorrhoids attached their images to this movement’s asshole faster than the fast-action of Preparation H. They also set up their “Fredom” Rally (seriously, do any of them know how to spell ffs??) on Stavebank Road in Mississauga. Which isn’t a truck route, by the way. Genius!

Why Ottawa? Because dumb.

I know whenever the neighbour next door is doing something I don’t like, I don’t get angry and refuse to cook dinner for my family. That would be stupid, right? What these truckers are failing to grasp is the United States will NOT allow them INTO THEIR COUNTRY. Yelling at Justin Trudeau isn’t going to change Joe Biden’s policy, numb nuts.

Support for Minority comes from Minority

While it is a very small amount of truckers involved in this nonsense, trucks blocking roads and ports of entry to Canada is definitely a concern. The potential ramifications to public safety are serious. As the CTA stated, there are legal, proper ways to protest things that make you sad. The vast majority of Canadians (truckers included) think this stunt is ridiculous.

We’re following this story as it unfolds, along with the grifters trying squeeze a buck out of it. Stay tuned.

Ryan Lindley

Ryan Lindley is a dad, husband, hack chef & Host of The Lindz Report. He's also the curator of 'Ryan Lindley's: Getting Sauced' on the Network. Hobbies include exposing grifters and debunking pseudoscience. You can find him over by the BBQ, or yelling on twitter @RyanLindley.

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