Sour Grapes: Canadians react to Don Cherry’s Firing

Jason Gonsalves Nov 12, 2019

Don Cherry’s firing has unleashed the best of the worst on social media.  Whether it’s the racist righty’s expressing their displeasure with Grapes’ dismissal because he was merely “standing up for veterans who fought for free speech,” or the libtard lefties perpetuating cancel culture and fake outrage at Cherry’s alleged racism although they voted for Prime Minister Blackface; the Canadian social media landscape lit up like the state of California at the news that Don had been terminated from Coach’s Corner.   

The Rant

Team Cherry 

Many Cherry supporters are touting the “over-sensitivity” banner.  I have written, as well as discussed on the podcast my feelings on outrage culture, PC culture, hyper-sensitivity, and free speech.  But for those of you who aren’t familiar with my stance on the matter, let me summarize briefly, that the virtue signaling and purity policing that occurs on social media absolutely disgusts me.  That being said, Don Cherry is a farce.  He made his statements under the ‘guise of “sending a message” when all he was doing was pandering to his xenophobic fan-base.  Do you really think that the “you people” Don was referring to are viewers of HNIC?  Also, for those of you arguing that Don “never used any racial slurs” in his rant, is that what it takes for you to determine racism?  Do you literally need to hear the infamous terminology or can you not decipher for yourselves what is being said?   “No N-bombs…Not racist!”  “He didn’t say Sandn*gger…we’re all clear then.”  That’s pathetic.  “You people” has not been acceptable speech for a long, long time.  Ask yourselves what you are really defending.  I am an advocate for free speech as you will have read in previous blogs, but understand that while speech is free, the consequences of it can be costly.   

Respect for our Veterans

I agree that decades after Flanders Fields many Canadians have forgotten the severity of WW1.  I would also say that many Canadians post-Gen-X are so anti-war that they misconstrue the necessity of the war, and the sacrifices made for it.  Don Cherry probably should have used his platform as a teachable moment.  Instead his intrinsic bigotry shone through and he decided to make a sweeping generalization of all immigrants, as inaccurate as it was.  

Canadian Immigrants

My parents came to this country for a better life and they took their opportunity and ran with it.  They never called in sick for work, they were always early for their shifts, and they saved their money and bought a home for my sister and I.  That’s what a lot of immigrants do.  They also managed to maintain their culture while assimilating into Canadian culture.  They took me to Blue Jays games on the weekends, and they are the reason I started watching HNIC; and my mother always made sure we all had poppies on November 1st, not because they were close to the war in any way, but because that’s what Canadians do.  My family is one of many families who are proud Canadian immigrants.  In fact, unless you’re First Nations, all of your families are immigrants too.   

In My Opinion

I think Cherry had a specific group/groups that he wanted to call out for not wearing poppies but he pussy’d out because he thought it might be too racist to say.  Instead, he decided to offend all immigrants.  This one’s not about the left virtue signaling.  Although his intentions were just, what Cherry said was wrong, and he refused to apologize.  That’s why you won’t be able to listen to his ramblings during the 1st intermission anymore.  “You people come to our country, you love our way of life, and you love our milk and honey…”

It’s a shame that after 30 years this is how it all ends, but Cherry made his own bed and now he can lay in it.

All of you advocates of free speech who are defending Don Cherry are the same people who condemn Colin Kaepernick.  All of you who care so much about veterans are the same ones who vote for the political party that does the least for veterans, save for lip-service.   

All of you right-fighters who clambered for Cherry’s termination are the same ones who voted for Prime Minstrel Trudeau.  Stop calling for the end of people’s careers or for them to disappear as soon as they slip up.  Try calling for an apology instead. We are all made of folly.

You are all hypocrites. 

Jason Gonsalves

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