Super Bowl Menu: Ribs or Wings? You Can Only Choose One

Ray Rauth Feb 11, 2023

It’s Super Bowl time and we all know what that means – food, drinks, and family feuds over what to eat! Well, if you’re looking for the ultimate crowd-pleaser that’ll blow everyone away, look no further than ribs. Yes, RIBS. Not wings. Ribs are far superior than wings when it comes to being the ultimate Super Bowl meal.

Think about it: what’s more fun to eat than succulent, sticky, smoky ribs? It’s the perfect finger food to enjoy while watching the big game. Plus, it’s so versatile – you can make a variety of flavors to appease diverse tastes. Dry-rubbed ribs, saucy ribs, sweet and spicy ribs – the possibilities are endless.

Wings, on the other hand, aren’t nearly as delicious or as enjoyable. They don’t provide nearly as much flavor or satisfaction, and can be quite dry if cooked wrong. Wings are low-effort and low-reward, and could never compare to the deliciousness of ribs.

So, if you really want to make an impression at your Super Bowl gathering and surprise everyone with something delicious, skip the wings and opt for ribs. Trust us – your guests won’t be disappointed!

Ray Rauth

Writer, Podcaster, & Sports Director for the Dean Blundell Network. "You probably know more about sports than I do. Life's not fair, get over it."

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