Take A Lap: Filmores In Toronto Offers NHL All-Star Participants Free Lap Dances All Weekend

Jan 29, 2024

In the golden age, players joined the All-Star Game for beer and cigarettes. They understood the NHL’s status as the pinnacle of hockey and being selected as an All-Star signified elite status. There was immense honour and privilege attached to the title, and players were eager to showcase their skills to the hometown crowd.

Then came a shift. Incentives became necessary. Prize money and extravagant MVP rewards like cars became the norm just to get players to go to All-Star weekend. Players treated the game like a casual skate at the local rink.

Now it seems Toronto has cracked the code and stumbled upon a solution. Want full engagement from players at All-Star Weekend? Strike a deal with the nearest gentlemen’s club offering free lap dances FTB. With that kind of enticement, you won’t catch anyone faking injuries or half-heartedly playing ever again.

Contributing Writers

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