All The Feels: Alphonso Davies/Craig Forrest Break Down Into Tears Watching Canada Qualify For The World Cup

Mar 28, 2022

Hey. If you didn’t know. The Canadian Men’s soccer team has qualified for the World Cup.

Sorry, I’ll say that again for the people in the back. CANADA’S MEN’S SOCCER TEAM HAS QUALIFIED FOR THE WORLD CUP.

This afternoon had all the feels. I watched it from start to finish. It was a perfect story. Freezing cold temperatures at BMO Field, a packed house and Canadian flags everywhere. I think our boy Ray Reuth said it perfectly with this tweet.

Damn, right we took the flag back.

Some of the best videos came from Alphonso Davies Twitch stream and Arash Madani’s interview with Canadian soccer legend and host of the best soccer podcast in Canada “Footy Prime” CRAIG FRIGGEN FORREST.

First Alphonso. He had a battle with Covid and unfortunately contracted myocarditis making him miss considerable time for his club Bayern Munich and the last 3 qualifying matches for Canada. However, in his absence, he has been an amazing cheerleader for the lads in red on his twitch stream. Today it hit its pinnacle. Zo watched his boys qualify for the World Cup at BMO field and was brought to tears. The video gave me all the chills.

Just amazing.

Up next, Canadian soccer royalty and the best human you will ever meet. Mr.Craig Forrest. Craig was asked post-game what this win meant to him and his answer and reaction filled my heart with joy.

It made Dean cry. It made all of us cry. YOU LOVE TO SEE IT

Love Craig. Pack your bags Footy Prime you are headed to Qatar. I wouldn’t have it any other way and to be honest and I wouldn’t listen to anyone else cover this momentous occasion.

Congratulations to Team Canada, Craig and everyone involved. Today was truly special.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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