Thai Boys Were Given A Bunch Of Ketamine Before Being Rescued

Apr 5, 2019

CNN: Medics who treated the 12 boys and their soccer coach rescued from a cave in Thailand last year credit the drug ketamine with playing a key role in the daring and dangerous mission to extract them.

According to details of the rescue released in a medical journal Thursday, the boys were given unspecified doses of ketamine, also known as party drug Special K, by the rescue divers as they were taken out of Tham Luang cave.
Reports at the time had suggested that the children, who had been trapped for two weeks, were sedated during the operation, but officials gave few details.
“We had to use the means that could keep the children not to be panicky while we were carrying them out,” Thai Navy SEAL commander Rear Adm. Arpakorn Yookongkaew told CNN shortly after the rescue. “Most importantly, they are alive and safe.”

That’s awesome.  The reward for going on a cave spelunking trip for a couple of weeks was some Ketamine and a cool cave swim.  Sure they were malnourished for a bit and probably smelled like shit when they emerged but they lived and did a pile of K before they lost their virginity.  That’s incredible.

Remember when Elon Musk called the guy who save the kids a pedophile?


Say what you will about Elon, but he gets to the point asap.  He doe not fuck around and if they used his sub, they wouldn’t have had to fill those kids with a schedule 1 drug.  Elon is NEVER wrong.  Ever.

“I made a sub for you.”

“Um, no thanks. We figured it out.”


head nod GIF

Anyway, good for the kids.  If you stand a 50/50 chance of dying, getting High AF is the way to go.





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