Thank you, Bob Cole for providing us the soundtrack of hockey for almost 50 years

Shug McSween Apr 6, 2019

Thank you, Mr Cole.

For almost 50 years your voice has created the soundtrack of hockey. Your feel for the game and it’s many moments were second to none. You could deliver the best call of the year, and all you would have to do is remain silent, let the play transpire and throw in an “OHHHHH Baby!”. For close to 5 decades, you serenaded Canadian households on each and every Saturday night, and you brought nothing but joy, passion, and a love for the game, that was contagious to the viewers across the country. Your voice was not only the soundtrack of hockey, but it was the soundtrack to many unforgettable moments for families. Hockey Night in Canada has brought families closer, made friendships stronger, and built relationships to last lifetimes. All stemming from a common interest and developed love for the game of hockey and hearing your voice. Mr Cole, you have been a majestic sprinkle of perfect audio to Saturday nights.

My favourite childhood memory was at the age of 7, hearing you call Dougie’s solo effort against Cujo and the Blues. As a life long Maple Leafs fan, being able to look back on that moment, watch the highlight, and hear your call, the goosebumps reappear every single time.

From Doug Gilmour to Mats Sundin, the memories continued, and it was Sundin’s 500th goal that stands out the most. An overtime winner to complete the hat-trick, and to reach 500 for his career, the way you described it to the world was like a conductor ensuring each note of the orchestra was perfectly on key and delivered without a flaw. You, sir, are the best.

It saddens me to read that you actually haven’t formally retired, that this wasn’t your idea and that it appears you have been told your career is over from the uppers at Rogers. Know this Mr Cole. Even though this may be the end of one of the most impactful broadcasting careers in sports, it will continue on forever. Your calls, your passion, your love, your embrace and your magical sound will forever live on. It will be shared throughout our stories and it will be recalled every single time a spark of Mr Bob Cole is felt throughout each and every game we continue to watch.

Thank you for the memories. It’s been a magical run, and I wish you nothing but the best for you and your family. Ohhhhh baby – what a career. Congratulations, Mr Cole.


Shug McSween

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