That Nerd Dad Interviews Big Kris

Joe Williamson Apr 13, 2022

You know him. You love him. Big Kris Bawden was my guest this week and we had a delightful conversation that eventually goes off the rails. (Stay tuned until the end)

For those who are unfamiliar with Kris he is a radio & podcast host, stand-up comedian, voice over artist, bagpipper and Father of one. In fact Kris was late to the Dad game and had his first at the age of 40. He recently moved his whole family to Ottawa which was an enormous move for a young family.

In our discussion we talk about what it’s like to play Robin after being Batman for so long, how his little one is adjusting to the move and what’s next for his podcast Big Kris Live! which is available as part of the Dean Blundell Podcast Network.

Kris is a great dude and we have a fantastic chat.

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Joe Williamson

Bald Canadian who didn’t play hockey until he was in his mid-thirties. Die hard Raptors fan who proudly admits he wept when they won it all. Loves talking parenting, politics, and all things pop culture.

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