That Nerd Dad Interviews Spy Dad Mubin Shaikh

Joe Williamson Apr 26, 2022

You’ve seen him on the Dean Blundell Show countless times and he’s honestly the coolest guy any of us know, Mubin Shaikh agreed to talk with me about what it’s like being a spy Dad.

With everything he’s seen and experienced how does he turn it off and become your average soccer Dad? Can he turn it off? Do his kids know and understand? I ask him all of this and more in wide-ranging 20min conversation.

They really should just replace the Dos Equis guy with Mubin.

Joe Williamson

Bald Canadian who didn’t play hockey until he was in his mid-thirties. Die hard Raptors fan who proudly admits he wept when they won it all. Loves talking parenting, politics, and all things pop culture.

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