That Nerd Dad Interviews The Voice Over Cop Sean Shapiro

Joe Williamson Oct 5, 2022

It’s been almost two months since Police Constable Sean Shapiro got on my radar (POLICE PUN!) with a viral video of him responding to someone on TikTok. It was so amazing that I wrote an article about it for the website. (Police Constable Responds to Karen on TikTok)

After that article, Dean and I had some fun with the man who goes by the Voice Over Cop on Twitter and it lead to several DM exchanges and false starts as we tried to find a time to connect for a more lengthy discussion. Well, I’m happy to say that last week we recorded a 30min chat that covers dangerous driving habits, that time PC Sean Shapiro became a real-life superhero, and whether or not he’s actually my Dad.

This one was a lot of fun! Check out the full conversation below or anywhere you get your fine podcasts.

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Joe Williamson

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