The 2022 Buffalo Bills are giving off 2007 Patriots vibes

Sep 22, 2022

Looking up and down the Buffalo Bills’ schedule, there isn’t a single team that can beat them.

Zero negative takes were coming out of Monday night’s game. The Buffalo Bills are a disgusting team. The only team with a whisper of a chance of winning over Buffalo is the Kansas City Chiefs. That being said, as good as Kansas City has looked, I think they would still have to beat a sleeping giant. The Buffalo Bills playing at their best is unbeatable. There will be fan bases and biased media members who disagree with me. They’re just stupid. Enjoy it, Bills Mafia; the Super Bowl is yours.

Bills fans are some of the most passionate fans in the NFL. They’re loyal as shit, and after being disappointed for 17 seasons, there’s a lot of emotion coming out. The stadium was fucking rocking on Monday night, and I would hate to be an opposing team standing on that field. The Buffalo Bills would have slaughtered the Tennessee Titans in an empty stadium in the middle of the Arctic. I’m not taking anything away from Bills Mafia. You guys are fucking awesome. But this Bills team is disgusting. They are clicking on offense, defense, and special teams. Do you understand how fucking crazy that is? I mimic what a lot of New England Patriots fans are saying. This Buffalo Bills team is giving off 2007 Patriots vibes. If you’re not aware, the Patriots went 16-0 that regular season.

I hope Bills Mafia is enjoying this because I promise you the good times don’t last forever. Some Bills fans have embraced Buffalo’s new winning ways. Others still haven’t gotten over 17 years of disappointment. The most effortless take I can make right now is the Bills will win the Super Bowl. This team is complete, and nobody will be able to stop them.

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