The Best Part About Newspapers? The Comics.

Joe Williamson Mar 15, 2022

I like comics. They amuse me. When I was a kid while my Mom would be reading the paper in the morning I would search for the comics and horoscopes to read. Occassionally within the standard funnies there would be a politcal comic. I’d still read it. I just wouldn’t get it. I’ve since given up on the horoscopes but if I’m ever around a newspaper (a rare thing these days) I will search out the comics for a laugh. 

As an adult, I love political cartoons for their biting satire and simplification of complex issues, which leads me to one of my favorite editirial cartoonists in Canada, Theo Moudakis (@TheoMoudakis on Twitter)

Theo is as talented as they come in this regard but what makes him a truly special follow on Twitter is that he responds to trolls with the same wit and charm that can be found in his comics. Case in point:

Photo Credit: Theo Moudakis

Do I personally see the Conservative Party as Batman? No. But the idea of them handing over the reins to a clown like Pierre Poilievre is executed to perfection here. AND then the trolls came and Theo hit back.

I could keep going but you get the idea. Oh and in case you thought he’d only punch to one side, here’s him throwing a jab the other direction.

Pro Tip: Don’t troll people who are obviously WAY smarter than you.

And just like his Twitter bio says “Theo Moudakis: National Treasure”

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